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Ray not only offers both interior and exterior painting to both commercial and residential customers, but a wide variety of other services. Click below to find out more.

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Hello and Thank you for your interest in paintingonabudget.com and "Painting on a Budget". That's me.
In 1988 I started in the business doing mostly new construction. My job also entailed rehabs of existing structures and commercial work. After a period of two years my work consisted mainly of repaints of exteriors. In 1994 I went to work for a locally owned and operated paint store which sold top quality, nationally known brands. This job vastly expanded my knowledge of products, services, and techniques. In the year 2000, I re-entered the new construction market with rehabs, decks, and exteriors thrown in for good measure. When the housing market crashed I thought my vast knowledge of products and services could be better used to spruce up and rehab existing structures to help home owners sell there homes faster. Having found success in this venture, I've been concentrating on this since 2007. So if you are looking for an experienced painter that does quality work at an affordable price please consider hiring us, a local painter.

We offer a wide range of service that include way more than just painting...

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